Tips to Save Money During College


As a college student, being broke is a continuous state of reality. The living off the few dollars you have, to most, is a new experience. Not being able to come home to your parent’s wallet can be a shock to many college students. But, it can be somewhat of a thrill giving you a sense or survival and wanting to explore new avenues. Most importantly, it gives you a chance to learn something quite important during your 4 or maybe 5 years at college, the value of a dollar. Recently being a former broke college student I understand many of the problems one faces. Here are some tips that I think can greatly help a student save during their time during college.

1. Consider Alternative Book Buying Options

Many colleges and university have a main book store on campus that offers all the course work needed items. All of these colleges and universities are business and will look to make as much money as possible. You can often find the same books you will need for your course on Amazon or EBay. Overall, on a semesters worth of books you could save up to $300 dollars easily. Once you are done with your books you can then sell them online to make your money back.

2. Stay off The Coffee

Have a coffee fix? If you are one of millions of college students ducking into the corner coffeehouse every morning before class to have your daily cuppa Joe, then you are wasting money. Coffee is becoming more and more expense and can add up to a hefty cost, on average a Dunkin Donuts coffee will cost between $2.50 and $3.50. Over seven days that can cost you about $17.50 per week and $70 per month for about $280.00 a semester!

3. Buy Cheap

It doesn’t matter what you are buying, make sure it is the cheapest you can find. For those who live off campus and aren’t on a meal plan, try to spend less than $120 a month for food. Could be difficult, but if you don’t mind eating mac-n-cheese, tacos and pizza often then you could do it. Alcohol, don’t get the $25 vodka when you can get the same amount for $12. Maybe try to split your tab at a bar with one of your friends, either way always think cheap.

4. Get a Part-Time Job

During the summer when you are not at school and back home with your parents try to find a part-time job that can help you get some spending money during the school year. Most students tend to get bored after a week of being home so put your resume out to local business to find some work to do. Not only will you be able to earn money but it will also look good on your resume when you graduate. DO NOT SPEND ALL THE MONEY YOU MAKE DURING THE SUMMER!

You are in the same position as many other college students, just looking to get by for four years. Do your best and try to save as much as you can so you won’t be that much in debt after you graduate. Once you find yourself working full-time, you will look back at the time when you were broke as some of the best time’s of your life.


~ by Pete Peluso on March 8, 2013.

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