How a PR Pro’s Typical Day Breaks Down

I want to focus on the key question: How do you spend your days in PR? In essence, what do you do each day? It’s a question almost every student has when starting out: What does a job in PR entail? And it makes sense, because PR is such a tough industry and job to define. So, how would I sum up what I do each day? I thought we’d break it down into percentages of time:

20 percent: Client management

This bucket includes things such as emails to clients, status and update meetings, and in-person planning meetings with clients. Overall, a significant portion of time each week is spent working and communicating with clients.

25 percent: Writing

This could probably be a bigger number, and it is, on most days, but I thought this was the best percentage on an ongoing basis. Writing can take many forms, too: blog posts, news releases, Web copy, Facebook posts, research reports, PowerPoint presentations. On some days, this number can be as high as 80–90 percent.

10 percent: Research

For me, research isn’t research in the formal sense. It also includes a bunch of reading I do periodically throughout the day that I use to keep clients abreast of trends and changes in the marketplace. This certainly does include more formal research I do on behalf of clients each day: competitive analysis, audience research, trend research. It all lumps in here.

10 percent: Professional development

I lump in more “formal” professional development here: PRSA events, social media breakfast events, etc. I would also include events I have created—a solo PR meet-up, for example, or a digital brand marketer meet-up that I just started. Add in some blog reading each day, and 10 percent could be a lowball estimate, depending on the day.

5 percent: Fun

A guy’s gotta have some fun at work, right?

10 percent: Media relations/blogger relations

This depends on the flow of my business, but I usually have some sort of media/blogger relations angle at work—at least for one client. This includes researching media/bloggers, pitching media/bloggers and all follow-up and coordination with the client.

10 percent: Community management

This number is actually a bit higher for me right now, due to some more extensive community management I’m handling for one client, but I usually try to keep this number a bit lower.

10 percent: Strategy/planning

Here’s another number that fluctuates. In late winter of this year, this number would have been significantly higher, as I was putting together two strategic communications plans for two clients. That was a ton of work, but it was also confined to a four- to six-week period. At other times, 10 percent feels about right.


~ by Pete Peluso on August 14, 2013.

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